How to Write Clickable Headlines That Improve your CTR

Do you know what CTR is? It’s the number of times your link was clicked divided by the number of times it was viewed. For example, if your link was viewed 100 times but clicked 10 times, your Click-Through-Rate is 10 percent. With that said CTR can refer to any number of things such as clicks on a link in an email campaign, clicks on ads, etc.

Incorporate Keywords into Your Headlines

Before writing a text, choose the main keyword of your content. Decide what your main keyword is by your SEO strategy and the list of words chosen in your keyword research.

Headline Formats

List Post Headlines:

Headlines that start with a number, giving users the feeling that the content is a list considerably increase Click-Through-Rate.

“How-To” Headlines:

These headlines are undoubtedly the best choice if you write educational or instructional content that helps people learn how to do something.

Question Headlines:

Using a question is very important to achieve what the user considers content consumption.

Headline Length Best Practices and Limit the Number of Words Used in the Headline

The number of words you include is also important. Headlines close to 55 characters are those that obtain a higher Click-Through-Rate. Headlines with 6-7 words are those which get the most clicks. Write your headline so that the words that encourage clicks and complete reading (curiosity, benefit you bring, etc.) are found in the first and last three words of it.

Use Emotional Word

Emotion words like, unusual, unlimited, etc. can appeal to you in some way. Be sure to use active voice and present-tense verbs whenever possible in headlines. You have just a few words to connect with a human on a deeper level and give, powerful…., it is proven….everything you…. Don’t waste them.


Although including these keys in the writing process seems to be tricky at the beginning, they are used in a natural way little by little. Do not forget that the most important thing is to generate valuable content and your headline is the showcase of it.

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